Welcome return

Killswitch Engage

What a pay off @moshfest. The return of singer Jesse Leach to Killswitch Engage surpassed expectations. Sounding fierce and in control, Leach had the same intensity that made him such a standout during his original tenure with the band, yet now he seems to better harness it.

The band looked a little shell shocked by the rabid response from the sold-out house, but fired right back with a batch of songs that pushed down to create an oppressive air before letting loose a big cathartic release. Worked every time.

The band opened with “Numbered Days,” Self Revolution” and “Fixation on the Darkness,” the same sequence that launches the “Alive of Just Breathing”¬† album. Then KsE played “Rose of Sharyn” the breakout song it had with singer Howard Jones, Leach’s replacement in 2002. Leach sent it out to Jones, who left with unspecified personal issues, and the response was one of pure gratitude.

For such a heavy band, KsE leads with its heart, and that sincerity has carried  this band to a point where fans are there for every turn.